My passion for photography centers on the love of untrammeled memories in everyday life. Whether negotiating the narrows of a remote landscaping or setting up my tripod before sunrise on a windswept road, I love capturing the essence of the subjects that my camera immortalizes.

This romance started in 2005 when my grandmother passed away. I found the importance of photos at this moment, me as a kid with her sharing all those wonderful memories, engraved through just a photo brought such bliss to my heart and I knew from this moment that I wanted to freeze life happiness through the art of photography.

The extraordinary sights of witnessing our split moment of happiness, joy or situation, arouse my soul to the point that I knew that photography was more than a hobby, it was a burning passion that I wish to share with the world. After two years in Canada, I came back to Mauritius where photography embraced my life and I started to look for a course in the field. As the years flew through the corridors of my life, I met Jameel Peerally, who instills the Art of Photography and opens new horizons in terms of shooting and style.

From this meeting came my first photographic experience, ‘IN FOCUS 2’, an exhibition centered around street photography, photojournalism, landscape, wildlife, fashion, etc. This experience brought a new breath into my passion for photography, as I was able to meet other people who were ‘living’ through photography. For me, photography is more than just an art, it is a burning desire of being able to immortalize a moment in time and to share emotions to loved ones.

From this moment up to now, photography has been dictating my life, I have been able to meet different people, philosophies and create lifetime friendship through just the lens of my camera and this website is my way of sharing those memories and experiences with the world, fore photography is about sharing, so let your eyes witness the emotions and beauty of the world of photography…